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No matter how great your services or products are, it takes online visibility to be able to show potential clients why your services are products are great.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media is becoming one of the most popular ways to get in front of your current and prospective clients. Creating business pages on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter


Web Design

With 70 million people currently using mobile phones or “smartphones” to browse the internet, and an incredible 60 percent of business searches coming from mobile phones,


Copy Writing

We offer excellent services in copywriting/sales writing, article writing, blog management, and press releases.


Welcome to Vertical Boost Media !

Vertical Boost Media is dedicated to providing you with an all in one solution for all of your marketing needs. The current advertising market is tough and it takes hours a day to constantly keep up with the trends—often hours you don’t have. We understand that and we dedicate ourselves to making sure that you have peace of mind knowing that our experts are working around the clock to ensure that your internet marketing needs are met. Whether you’re having trouble finding time to monitor your online reviews or ratings, keeping your clients up to date with effective social media posts, writing persuasive sales copy to get those stubborn prospective clients to trust your services or product, or you’re just ready to attract more clients and have more traffic coming to your website, we have the solutions for you to make that happen! You’ve heard it a million times from SEO companies promising to deliver you increased traffic and let’s face it– they’re all starting to sound the same. We understand. At Vertical Boost Media, we’re proud to say that we’ve found a way to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the pack with one simple, yet effective strategy: personable customer service. You won’t have to wait days to receive a response. You won’t have to worry about asking, “is it working?”, because we provide weekly updates with results on your marketing campaign. You won’t have to worry about lackluster content or sales copy written on your website because you don’t pay until you’re 100% satisfied.