Google Maps and Places 2014

Google Maps and Places 2013

If you’re just finding out about Google Maps and Places, I’m glad you’re reading this. If not, I still welcome you to read this article just to grasp the importance. One of the best ways to get easy business is by uploading your business to the ‘Maps’ and ‘Places’ feature of Google. How does it work? Essentially anyone with a smart phone, whether its an Android or an Iphone, users are gravitating towards clicking the ‘Places’ app (sometimes also titled ‘Local’) where the icon of a restaurant, bar, or any other business will be displayed; the user clicks what category they’re looking for, and it pulls up all the nearest businesses in a 25 mile radius, along with their ratings and reviews.
I personally use it for when I am in areas that I am unfamiliar with, and have given many businesses my business because they had favorable reviews and ratings, had GPS navigation attached to their mobile web presence, and gave me exactly what I was looking for. Now, I personally used it when I had a craving for Vietnamese food, looked up the nearest restauraunts in the area, and was led to an amazing little cafe called, “Dragonfly Vietnamese Food”; They had a perfect 5 star rating and had nothing but favorable reviews. I am now a returning customer and visit their monthly. Could there be other Vietnamese restauraunts that are better? Well, unless they are places I wouldn’t know, and I know I am not alone in this stance. If you’re not on all the latest updated social media platforms, very few Gen Y’ers and Gen X’ers will know you even exist. How much business are you losing out on if you don’t currently have this feature activated?