Google’s SEO Penalty Catches Another Offender

In the previous article, we briefly touched on how Google is tightening up on their SEO guidelines and stipulations. The best way to learn and to avoid these hefty penalties is to learn from the mistakes of others and keep up to date on the newest guidelines. The popular website Web Design Library actually caught wind of Google’s authority and were penalized for using Twitter to renew paid links. Prior to the penalty, Web Design Library was ranked 8th and are now ranked 48th. That is a big ranking to lose which is why it’s better to try and avoid shortcuts and just rank the most natural way which is through content. The biggest penalty that they received however is that the site doesn’t even rank for their own name, “Web Design Library”. Either letting professionals handle the work or just putting in the extra amount of time is worth it, especially if a penalty could mean losing your own ranking for your own company’s name.