Did You Hear? Word of Mouth Marketing and The Internet

While browsing the internet today I came across a great video from Google Business and Keller Fay. Together they collaborated to study the effects of  the Internet and Internet enabled devices (Smart phones, Tablets, etc) on word of mouth conversations about brands. The entire study can be found here http://www.thinkwithgoogle.comThe video is great and we really like how it’s  simple and easy to follow. It perfectly illustrates the power of word of mouth marketing and how it ties in with internet advertising and searching. This video is a must watch for business owners!

Did you know…

  • There are 2.4 billion conversations that involve a brand per day.
  • There are 3.3 billion mentions of brands in a day.
  • That comes out to about 1.4 impressions per conversation.

Source: Keller Fay Groups TalkTrack®