How To Stay Energized And Productive All Day

One of the biggest issues a lot of Americans face every day is feeling a little “sluggish” and not getting the most of out of their days. For the most part it’s pretty simple; wake-up at the last possible moment you have to, shower and get dressed, then grab some toast and a cup of coffee, and you’re out the door. You initially feel the short-term burst of energy from the stimulant effects of coffee and the carbs from the toast, but is that really enough to power you throughout the rest of the day? Here are some proven ways to increase your productivity and not have to fight off that ever so familiar “2:30 feeling”. Let’s see what could make 2:30 potentially your best hour.

1. Pressing the snooze-button: Wait a second—I thought that was supposed to be giving me the same amount of sleep? Unfortunately it’s all just a play on your psychology and the truth of the matter is as soon as you are woken up, regardless if you actually fall back asleep, the hormones in your body are already disrupted and it creates a problem in your sleep patterns. A mean, but very useful trick, is to set your alarm in a different room, which forces you to actually get up. At that point you’re already there, which leads to the next tip…

2. Light. Get more light: Preferably, letting in some sunlight is the best option, but if you wake up early and it’s still dark out, a kitchen or room light is a decent substitute. It’s well known that the sun has vitamin-D properties, a crucial component when it comes to energy and general well-being

3. Get up and get moving! Exercise: Alright before you quit reading here, just hear me out; You don’t have to go all out Crossfit Warrior and get an intense exercise in–in fact–it’s actually proven that a slower and less-intense exercise in the mornings,such as a light walk, is more beneficial for sustainable energy levels throughout the day. It only makes sense considering you’re burning up more calories with an intense workout.

4. Break your concentration to stretch or stand up: It’s well known that we can only continue to stay focused on a task for about 90 minutes. Even if you’re at home and not doing anything mentally exhausting, still…… sitting down actually increases lethargy and wanes on energy levels. Get up, stretch, and even walk around if you have to.

5. Relax the right way: If you typically have a glass of wine before bed, which I know my dear mom used to and still does enjoy to this day, drink it at least 2 hours before you actually have to go to sleep. Alcohol is disruptive to the sleep cycle and actually keeps your internal clock awake, which will leave you tired in the morning.

6. Food is fuel: To keep sustainable energy and focus throughout the day, taking a fish-oil multivitamin and a B-12 supplement with your breakfast in the morning would be ideal. The best types of breakfasts are slow-digesting proteins such as eggs or oatmeal covered in almonds. Drinking 2 cups of water also helps your body digest the eggs better so all you’re energy isn’t being sucked up in digesting your food. At lunch time, some good carbs such as whole wheat pasta or a meal involving black beans will help with sustainable energy. Eating greasy foods or a simple carbohydrate laden meal is the recipe for…..nap time. What you put inside of your body, you will get back out–so make sure it’s light and nutritious.

Now keep in mind, just because you read the article doesn’t mean it’s actually going to work. You’re going to have actually practice each of these steps