SEO Updates 2014 (Part I)

When you first looked for the new SEO (Search Engine Optimization) updates for 2014 and saw the abundance of information, it may have been a little overwhelming. So I made this article here to condense all of the information into a more user-friendly way of not only understanding the updates, but also being able to use this as a small reference article that you can continuously refer back to.

The Major Changes:

*The gray hat tactics of 2014 are no longer as effective, so burying a bunch of backlinks in the tag lines and having a page with no fresh or updated content will have to call for a new change in strategy. What Google will be checking for now is to see if your business is alive. Now what that means is that they want to see (and also reward you) if your web page is active and providing value. If you think about it, this dramatically reduces the complexity of SEO to the point where just solid value is recognized, as opposed to 6 optimized websites leading to one squeeze-page selling you organic dog treats–content is king once again. Now we can see where the emergence began of content marketing.

*Social media now plays a large role in where your page ranks. How big is it exactly? Well according to the Content Marketing Institute, most successful business owners and their businesses are on at least 7 different social media networks. Remember our example going back to Google wanting to see if you’re “alive” or not—-Social media helps generate new content as well as providing a direct channel between you and your customers.

There’s actually quite a bit more and I’ll be providing more information regarding the SEO updates for 2014 throughout the rest of the quarter. As new updates are released, I’ll also make sure to compile the new updates as well.