The X-Factor In Copywriting: Why Is It Not Used More?

One of the greatest things about being a copywriter is the creative freedom you are given to come up with the most compelling sales copy you possibly can. Now, you may have heard the expression, “the best salesmen are people”, alluding to the ‘word-of-mouth’ you hear at your weekend barbeque—which is Uncle Chad talking up a storm about this new gadget that he just bought. In other words, it’s “accidentally” selling a product just by the pure enjoyment you hear from a trusted family and the enthusiasm they talk about it with. Go ahead and recall a time when a trusted family member or friend has given you advice about using a product or service. Chances are you can probably recount quite a bit of times, and maybe even the car you currently drive was given to you use a suggestion.

So what exactly am I getting at here? And what is this ‘X Factor’ that I’m speaking of? Simply, the most effective copywriting I’ve seen has come through the form of a story. For you copywriters out there just beginning, or even for the advanced that have writer’s block, think of a product that you have no problem recommending to someone. Now think about using that particular product or service and what are the first things you typically notice? Most of the time, it has solved a problem for you and alleviated some sort of annoyance. It could also come in the form of producing a feeling of well-being or happiness as well—whatever makes the customer or in this case, you, happy and satisfied.
Now that you have that visual, just start writing. Don’t worry about how fast you’re typing, your punctuation, or anything else that will curb your progress. The idea here is to do what I like to call a “brain dump”, which in my personal opinion gives you the strongest copy. The reason being is because it was your first instincts and thoughts that came to mind about the product. Really dig deep and describe what your life was like before the product or service, the first time you tried the product or service, and finally how it continues to help your life. Upon finishing this exercise, then we go ahead and clean up the technical issues and make sure it’s concise and clean. When it’s finally put together, review it, and you’ll notice you just wrote incredibly compelling sales copy without even trying.

The next article will be a sample of a short story that sells and how to effectively write one.