Why You Should Have a Mobile Site For Your Business


In today’s competitive markets, smartphone users have become more reliant on businesses adapting to fit their web surfing needs. According to Nielsen number tracking, its reported that 134 million people currently use their phones to surf the internet. With people constantly on the go and not needing to sit in front of a computer due to the convenience of web browsing, it makes sense as a competitive business owner to have a “smartphone friendly” website, or better known as a mobile site.

Currently, 1 out of every 5 people use their phones to research local businesses, where ratings and reviews are literally just a tap of a button on a phone away. By acting now, it makes it a lot easier to rank higher on Google due to their index being different from that of traditional browsing. The mobile sites index on Google is significantly lower because many business owners have yet to upgrade.


The other great news is that mobile websites are affordable, do not take much time to convert, and are actually much easier and convenient to use than regular websites. Have you upgraded and set up your mobile website yet? If not, you could potentially be losing out on crucial business and traffic to your competitors who have already made the change.